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For Manufacturers of Rail Locomotives, Marine and Racing Vehicles, Liquid Processing Systems
and Storage, and Heavy Duty Off-Road, Construction, Mining, Farm and Forestry Equipment


"As Wisco Products continues to evolve as a manufacturer and expand into new markets we continually assess our product line and introduce new products to meet the needs of the changing marketplace."

300 Series "CG" Filler Cap
This new "comfort grip" filler cap is both attractive and durable. The cap billet is manufactured from 6061 aluminum while the internal parts are made of stainless steel. Standard exterior finishes are plain, black-anodized or red-anodized.

Caps can also be laser-etched, as seen in the photo to the right, with your logo or other markings, per our minimum quantity.

Series 300 CG Filler Cap Image

CARB/EPA Compliant Filler Caps
Any Wisco 300 Series cap can be supplied CARB/EPA compliant. Our all-metal construction prevents cap/fluid permeation. The positive-stop 1/4-turn design negates the need for the audible feedback requirement of threaded caps. Our chain options provide for a positive tether and our Viton gasket is compatible with most fuels and fluids.

Just specify when ordering that you want a CARB/EPA compliant cap.

Series 300 CARB/EPA Compliant Cap Image

400 Series Locking-Lever Filler Cap
Wisco Products' new heavy duty, stainless steel locking-lever-release radiator cap is designed to prevent premature removal of the cap from a pressurized system. The cap cannot be removed until the safety locking-lever is raised and begins releasing system pressure. Only then can the cap be opened further and removed. This cap is based on the time-tested and proven, American-made Wisco 400 Series product line.

Series 400 Pressure Locking Handle Filler Cap Image

" C O L O R S " Powder Coat Finishes
Show your corporate colors, match the color of your equipment or define your process system fill point with a durable, low cost "COLORS" Powder Coat Finish. With this eco-friendly process, most of Wisco's filler caps can be colored in one of a variety of standard colors in either low gloss or high gloss finish. A 250-piece minimum order is required for a "COLORS" finish. You can carry your corporate identity even one step further by using Wisco's Laser-Etch Marking to add your logo (see below).

COLORS Powder Coated Filler Caps Image

Laser-Etch Marking
Wisco Products now offers Laser-Etch Marking. Capacity indicators, safety warnings, usage instructions or even your logo and contact information can now be attractively and permanently etched onto your filler caps and mounting flanges. Do away with thin, unsightly impression stamping and metal engraving and try Wisco's Laser-Etch Marking on your next product run. A 250-piece minimum order is required for laser-etch marking.

Laser Etch Imprinted Filler Caps Image