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Filler Caps and Accessories

For Manufacturers of Rail Locomotives, Marine and Racing Vehicles, Liquid Processing Systems
and Storage, and Heavy Duty Off-Road, Construction, Mining, Farm and Forestry Equipment


How to Request a Quote

Using Wisco's standard "Contact Us" form, do the following:

  • Fill in your Contact Information.

  • In the Comments / Needs box at the bottom of the page, list the following:

    • Series of product (300, 600, Flush-Mount, etc.),

    • Type of product (cap, neck, mounting, etc.),

    • Style of product (knurled, fixed handle, flanged, etc.),

    • Material wanted (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.),

    • Seal Gasket Material needed (where applicable), and

    • and any other Options wanted (chain, lock tab, dipstick, etc.).

  • When all data is entered correctly, click the Submit Form button.