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Filler Caps and Accessories

For Manufacturers of Rail Locomotives, Marine and Racing Vehicles, Liquid Processing Systems
and Storage, and Heavy Duty Off-Road, Construction, Mining, Farm and Forestry Equipment


"Wisco Products
continues to evolve as a manufacturer of fabricated metal products for an
ever-expanding range of markets. This vast cross-experience benefits each of our OEM customers as we address their design and production challenges."

Some of the markets we serve

Off-Road and Motorsports Racing - Wisco Products manufactures a line of high-performance racing filler caps and filler necks. These 1/4-turn quick-release caps are lightweight and positive-sealing. They are also impact-, fuel- and corrosion-resistant and compatible with all racing fuels.   .PDF

Pumps and Generators - Wisco provides fluid fill solutions for combustion engine driven pumping system and generator OEMs. Whether skid, trailer or truck mounted, Wisco has the caps, necks, strainers, mounting tubes and dipsticks for your fuel, lubricant, cooling and hydraulic fluid fill interfaces.   .PDF

Locomotives - Wisco Products has been providing quality fluid fill caps and necks to original equipment manufacturers of locomotives for nearly 50 years. We have fill caps, necks, strainers, transitional mounting tubes and dipsticks for your locomotive fuel, lubricant, hydraulic and cooling fluid fill interfaces.   .PDF

Marine Vehicles - Wisco has filler caps, necks, mounting tubes and accessories for manufacturers of marine vehicles with inboard gas and diesel engines. These 1/4-turn, positive-locking caps are water tight and can be provided vented for vacuum breaking.   .PDF

Fluids Processing and Storage - Wisco Products manufactures a wide variety of filler caps, necks, mounting tubes and strainers for your water, vegetable oil and other process fluids fill and storage requirements. Our staff can also work with your designers and engineers to develop products to meet your special applications.

Heavy Duty Off-Road Equipment - Whether you are manufacturing heavy duty off-road equipment for construction, mining, farming or forestry, Wisco has the fluid fill interface capping solution for your fuel, lubricant, hydraulic and cooling system needs.

Radiators - Wisco has the components for your OEM system coolant fill interface. Wisco has radiator caps, necks and mounting tubes for your coolant tanks. These Wisco products prevent coolant evaporation, keep air out of the system and provide safe over-pressure venting and proper coolant overflow control.   .PDF

Some of the OEM markets Wisco Products serves